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Food make us go crazy. Almost all the products we buy are organic. Buying organic and high quality products is a bit more expensive but it’s good to invest in yourself and wellbeing.


Hi there!

We have been on holidays for a while! This Summer has been a little bit different than expected, holidays are a good moment to make up your mind and think about what you really want to do next. We will start this stage with a positive mood, fresh ideas and good vibes 🙂

Positive Vibes

We want to talk about eating real, high quality and unique food. Being a healthy foodie like us, is not tricky at all, because we love eating green, fruits and whole grain products. But also we love eating ice cream, snacks…

Food makes us go crazy. We try to do the right combinations, our shopping is based on veggies, fruits & nuts. Almost all the products we buy are organic. Buying organic is a bit more expensive but it’s good to invest in your wellbeing. We notice that we feel better with ourselves and we enjoy more of the little things in life.


That is why we support the Mood Food movement in which certain foods influence our wellbeing. Fruit is a source of optimism. Whilst the consumption of processed foods, with lots of sugar and toxines provokes depression. Follow the happiness diet!

Lydia and Kiwi

We eat balanced trying to introduce some superfoods in our plant & nut based diet, here are some of our favorite superfoods and tips to keep healthy:

  • Drink a lot of water during day. Every morning before breakfast we tend to drink a glass of cold water with a squeeze of lemon. Detoxing your body is diuretic, helps digestion, cleans your skin and helps you lose weight. It also combats our cravings.
  • Avocados. Everyone knows that we are in love with this amazing fruit with vitamine E  and “good” fats for your skin and body babe! 😀
  • Flax seed. It is called the new wonder food, some studies show that it can help combat  diseases. It contains other healthy vitamins and minerals: Omega 3, lignans and fibre. We always put some flax seeds over our porridge…delish!

Porridge and Cherries

  • Brown rice. It is better for you than white rice, in appearance white rice may look more appealing but brown rice is richer in fibre, magnesium, potassium, proteins and calcium, they lose most of these properties when they are refined. We also think brown rice is more tasty. High carb diet, yay!
  • Nuts. We have already talked about their awesome benefits. Nuts are a source of energy we need everyday. Excelent for your brain. Can you ask for more?
  • Bananas. The principal ingredient of our Nana Ice Cream. Very nutritional and very delicious. Nom nom.


  • Cherries. One of our favourite berries. They boost your energy levels, they are good for your sight, have anti-inflamatory properties and help you sleep better.
  • Watermelon. We have eaten tons of this fruit this summer. It provides us with antioxidants, hydrates us and it’s easy to digest.

Irene and watermelon

“If you can’t pronounce it, don’t use it” except Quinoa.

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Irene & Lydia

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¡Hooola a todos!

Después de las vacaciones, por fin hemos vuelto con las pilas cargadas! Este verano ha sido un poco diferente a lo esperado y las vacaciones nos han ayudado a pensar un poquito en nuestros planes de futuro y metas. De momento, vamos a empezar Septiembre con energías positivas, ideas nuevas y buen humor 🙂

Queremos hablar sobre la importancia de comer de la forma más natural posible y con productos de calidad. Nosotras seguimos una dieta vegetariana cargada de verduras, frutas y productos de integrales, pero no quiere decir que de vez en cuando tengamos unas ganas tremendas de comernos un trozo de tarta. Eso si, casi siempre intentamos hacerlo nosotras, eligiendo los ingredientes que queremos y tratando de hacerlo lo más “healthy” posible 😉

Recomendamos comprar productos orgánicos que, a pesar de ser un poco más caros, tienen un sabor mucho más real y sus calidad es también mejor. Tu bolsillo lo notará un poquito, pero tu cuerpo también lo hará, y comenzará a sentirse mejor tanto por dentro como por fuera 🙂

Nosotras nos hemos unido a la tendencia del “Mood Food”, la cual defiende que ciertos alimentos influyen en nuestro estado de ánimo. La fruta, por ejemplo, es una fuente de optimismo. Mientras que el consumo de alimentos procesados, con mucho azúcar y toxinas provocan insatisfacción y depresión. ¡Sigue la dieta de la felicidad!


Como ya sabéis, intentamos seguir una dieta equilibrada. Aquí os dejamos algunos de nuestros productos favoritos:

  • Agua: Sí, agua. Cada mañana intentamos tomar en ayunas un vaso de agua con un limón exprimido. Esto no es nada nuevo, pero es claramente una forma genial de empezar el día, ya que es un perfecto diurético natural, ayuda a la digestión, mejora tu piel y ayuda a la pérdida de peso.
  • Aguacate: Ya sabéis que nos encantan. Esta fruta es magnífica debido a su alto contenido en vitamina E y a sus grasas buenas.
  • Semillas de lino: Mézclalas con tu yogur favorito o utilízalas para hacer bases de tartas por ejemplo. Algunos estudios  afirman que ayuda a regular la presión y función arterial y ayuda en enfermedades inflamatorias o diabetes, entre otras. Contiene vitaminas y minerales cómo Omega 3, lignanos (sirven como antioxidante) o fibra.
  • Arroz integral: Definitivamente mucho mejor que el blanco. Es rico en fibra, potasio, magnesio, proteínas y calcio.
  • Frutos secos: Son una grande fuente de energía y combinan con taaantas cosas 🙂 Además son muy buenas para tu cerebro.
  • Plátanos: El ingrediente principal de nuestro querido Nana Ice Cream. Rico y nutritivo.
  • Cerezas: Son nuestro fruto rojo favorito. Te dan energía, son buenas para la vista, tienen propiedades anti-inflamatorias y ayudan a conciliar mejor el sueño.
  • Sandía: Este verano hemos comido kilos y kilos de esta deliciosa fruta. Rica en antioxidantes, te hidrata y es muy fácil de digerir.



Irene y Lydia,

Berry Bites Blog.

30 Random Facts About Berry Bites

Maybe you can learn more about us reading this:

Maybe you can learn more about us reading this:


1. I. I was born and raised in Málaga (Spain). Both of my parents are from the Philiphines. That’s why I have these eyes. Very proud of my ethnicity 🙂

2. L. I’m from Santander, a small city located in the north coast of Spain. It’s beautiful, and it doesn’t rain as much as they say… Well, maybe sometimes 😛

3. I. I finished my law studies at Uni and now I’m doing an accounting, financial and labour course.

4. L. I’m a Business Administration graduate with a passion for marketing and willing to follow a career path in this area.

5. I. I’m a cat person, I would love to have one, when I’m older maybe. I have a manekineko tattoo and incredibly gives me luck 😀

6. L. I’m a cat lover too! I’ve always had a cat at home, but casually now, we also have a dog, a Dachshund 🙂

7. I. Frequently I have geek thoughts, I worked in a comic store. I’m a potterhead, disney girl, an ewok in love with tv series & videogames 🙂

8. L. I’m more into arts, design… And I love Typography 😀

9. I. Eco(mind), very positive, “Everything happens for a reason” (Locke – Lost)

10. L. I think… and overthink about almost everything

11. I. I need to live anywhere close to the beach. A bikini kind of life 😛

12. L. I’m kind of the same, I need to feel the sea breeze and see the horizon. It just makes me feel better 🙂

13. I. Pistachio is my favourite flavour of ice cream or Cassata 🙂

14. L. Why are we so similar? Well… I learnt this from her… Pistachio is also one of my favourites! If I had to choose another one it would be Hazelnut!

15. I. Santorini (Greek) is my first destination when I think of holidays 🙂

16. L. I want to travel the world! And I think I would start by exploring Canada 😀

17. I. I wear quirky glasses almost all the time. Sometimes, contact lenses. I’m blind 😦

18. L. I’m obsessed with rings! The more I can wear, the better!

19. I. I eat books, blogs and youtube like I eat cookies.

20. L. I’m in love with music. 

21. I. I’m a bit obsessive, I make lists all the time (I go nuts! :-S)

22. L. I am a bit disorganized, but organized! 😉

23. I & L. We have known each other for only a year, but we know everything about the other, “No secrets, no shame, no silence”.

24. I & L. Starbucks Decaf Soya Latte with cinnamon on top is our beverage. With a good pronunciation.

25. I & L. London is the city where all of this started.

26. I & L. We write all these posts before in English, and then we translate them. Why? We think everything sounds better in  English. Even though our english is not excellent.

27. I & L. Instagram-lovers.

28. I & L. Loving messy hair.

29. I & L. We are veggies, not vegan. Trying to be healthy everyday.

30. I & L. “Are you two a couple?” “No. Tragically, we are both heterosexual.”

Lots of love,

Irene & Lydia

Berry Bites Blog

When we talk about being “Veggie”

This is what we do everyday. We are not in a “diet” at all. We always have our piece of chocolate bar before going to bed and we love cake (carrot and cheesecake are our favorite). We are veggies for different reasons, one of them because we started eating less meat when we moved to London, and then little by little we quit eating it because we didn’t really miss it. We don’t say having a veggie diet is the best way to being healthy and keeping fit, because you can be veggie and eat junk food; Lots of processed food like crisps, cookies and candies are made without animals.

irene berryThis is what we do everyday. We are not in a “diet” at all. We always have our piece of chocolate bar before going to bed and we love cake (carrot and cheesecake are our favorite). We are veggies for different reasons, one of them because we started eating less meat when we moved to London, and then little by little we quit eating it because we didn’t really miss it. We don’t say having a veggie diet is the best way to being healthy and keeping fit, because you can be veggie and eat junk food; Lots of processed food like crisps, cookies and candies are made without animals.

lydia berryIt’s true that we try to be as healthy as possible, our shopping list is based on fruits and vegetables (we know every kind of sprouts and berries). We eat clean, trying to do our recipes with less and natural sugar (like dates, prunes, honey, maple syrup), wholegrain products and legumes. It might be more expensive than buying a burguer for 1€ in a fast food chain restaurant. But eating like this is good and nourishing for our bodies and the most important thing: we don’t feel guilty anymore, we don’t count calories and we eat whatever we want at that moment

We don’t deprive ourselves of anything, we eat our homemade cookies, cakes and veggie burguers! The disadvantages are that it takes more time and you have to like cooking like we do!

We created this blog with enthusiasm, so we have the chance to share how we live and if you like any of our recipes you can try and do it by your own! They are very simple! (Everybody can do them, we are not the best cooks, we swear.)

With love,

Irene & Lydia x

Berry Bites Blog

Esto es nuestro día a día. No estamos a “dieta” para nada. Siempre tenemos que llevarnos a la boca un trozo de chocolate antes de irnos a la cama y nos encanta la tarta (la de zanahoria y la de queso son nuestras favoritas). Somos vegetarianas por varias razones, una de ellas es que comenzamos a comer menos carne cuando nos mudamos a Londres, y desde entonces empezamos a dejar de consumirla, ya que realmente no la echábamos de menos. No queremos decir con esto que llevar una dieta vegetariana es la forma adecuada de estar sano y en forma, puedes ser vegetariano/a y seguir comiendo comida basura; un montón de alimentos procesados como patatas fritas de bolsa, galletas y caramelos están hechos sin animales.

Es verdad que intentamos ser lo más sanas que podemos, nuestra lista de la compra está basada en frutas y verduras (nos conocemos todos los tipos de coles y bayas). Comemos limpio, intentando hacer nuestras recetas con menos azúcar y natural (como dátiles, ciruelas, miel, sirope de arce), cereales integrales y legumbres. Puede que sea más caro que comprar una hamburguesa por 1€ en una cadena de restaurantes de comida rápida. Pero comer así es bueno y nutritivo para nuestros cuerpos y lo más importante: ya no nos sentimos culpables, no contamos calorías y comemos lo que nos apetece cuando queremos.

No nos privamos de nada, comemos nuestras propias galletas, tartas y hamburguesas vegetarianas! Los inconvenientes son que implica más de tu tiempo y que te tiene que gustar cocinar como a nosotras!

Creamos este blog con entusiasmo, así podemos tener la oportunidad de compartir como vivimos y si te gusta alguna de nuestras recetas puedes intentar hacerla por tu cuenta! Son muy sencillas! (Todo el mundo puede hacerlas, no somos las mejores cocineras, lo juramos!).


With love,

Irene & Lydia x

Berry Bites Blog

Documentaries you should watch about the Food Industry

We think it is important to be aware of how the Food Industry works. It is difficult to change your eating habits, but when you realize the reality of things and how manipulable we are, you see everything differently.

documentaries food industry

We think it is important to be aware of how the Food Industry works. It is difficult to change your eating habits, but when you realize the reality of things and how manipulable we are, you see everything differently.

We have been eating badly throughout our lives without noticing it. We are used to go to the supermarket to buy all that processed food, full of sugar and who know how many additives. Watching documentaries and reading helped us to change our minds, our eating habits and our way of life.

We don’t want to say that it’s not right to buy a packet of biscuits. Everybody does it sometimes, we do it.

It is one of the reasons why we consider that it is important: to eat vegetables, to buy organic products, to make your own biscuits… In short, knowing every ingredient you add to your recipes, knowing what are you eating.

Watching documentaries can incite us to change some aspects about the way we think and see the world through different eyes. That’s why we want to show you this documentaries, that inspire us to stand up for a cause we care about.

Documentaries that will change the way you think about the food industry:


2. Food Inc by ROBBER KENNER.

3. Supersize Me by MORGAN SPURLOCK.

4. Forks over Knives by LEE FULKERSON.

You can find them complete in Youtube.

Draw your own conclusions.

Irene & Lydia x,

Berry Bites Blog

Concienciarte sobre cómo actúa la Industria Alimentaria es importante y necesario. Es difícil dar el paso de cambiar tu forma de alimentación, pero cuando te das cuenta de la realidad de las cosas, lo manipulables que somos, lo ves todo de otra manera.

Durante la mayor parte de nuestra vida hemos estado comiendo mal sin saberlo. Nos han vendido la idea de que es normal ir al súper y adquirir toda esa cantidad de productos envasados que tienen una caducidad, muchísmo azúcar y a saber qué más aditivos. Ver documentales y leer, nos ha ayudado a tomar la decisión de cambiar nuestra alimentación y nuestro modo de vida. No queremos decir con esto que esté mal comprar un paquete de galletas; de vez en cuando todos lo hacemos, nosotras lo hacemos.

La importancia de comer verduras, adquirir productos ecológicos, hacer tus propias galletas, saber qué es lo que lleva porque tú se lo pones, no lo cambiaríamos por nada. Tu salud es lo que está en juego.

Ver documentales puede incitarnos a cambiar algunos aspectos en la forma que pensamos y ver el mundo con otros ojos. Por eso te queremos enseñar estos documentales, que nos han inspirado a implicarnos en algo que nos importa.

Documentales que te harán cambiar tu forma de pensar sobre la Industria Alimentaria:

1. Fed Up.

2. Food Inc.

3. Supersize Me.

4. Forks over knives.

Los puedes encontrar completos en Youtube.

Saca tus propias conclusiones.

Irene & Lydia x

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