Easy Vegetarian Recipes: Eat the Rainbow

Hi there!

There are lots of types of vegetables, you have plenty of choices, you can’t get bored and you don’t have any excuse to eat healthy. We like to combine our plant-based diet with delicious legumes, yummy seeds and nuts. We love eating well and enjoy every mouthful. Here are some vegetarian/vegan dishes we usually have for lunch or dinner!

Why is it important to eat vegetables?

They are very nutritional and contain a good amount of vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants. Having veggies and fruits in your diet helps your body to protect itself from diseases and improve your immune capacity. Go for greens 😀

  • Sweet potato, Ginger & Rice noodles with a creamy avo and lemon sauce, cherry tomatoes, grilled carrots and corn and a bit of rocket with walnuts. Vegan & gluten free.
  • Sweet potato, ginger and rice noodlesGrilled broccoli, soy marinated tofu, cherry tomatoes and chickpeas. Such a good combination of flavors and textures.
  • grilled broccoli, tofu and chikpeasBaked sweet potato fries with thyme, avocado, raw stripes of red pepper and broccoli. You can add some pumpkin seeds on top as we do. Yummeh!

baked sweet potato stripes, broccoli and avo

  • Leftovers! Yay!! Grilled eggplant, paprika chickpeas, roasted potatoes with pepper, marinated soya tofu, brown couscous with cherry tomatoes and sunflower seeds (fresh basil on top). Wonderful!

leftovers yay

Also we want to show you this:

You guys know how conscience we are about how we eat. This is a short animation 3D video that shows a little bit about how the food industry works and how they treat animals. We don’t try to push to our lifestyle but we think it is important for people to know about it.

Eat colorful  healthy and fit!

Lots of love,

Irene & Lydia x,

Berry Bites Blog.


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