30 Random Facts About Berry Bites

Maybe you can learn more about us reading this:


Maybe you can learn more about us reading this:


1. I. I was born and raised in Málaga (Spain). Both of my parents are from the Philiphines. That’s why I have these eyes. Very proud of my ethnicity 🙂

2. L. I’m from Santander, a small city located in the north coast of Spain. It’s beautiful, and it doesn’t rain as much as they say… Well, maybe sometimes 😛

3. I. I finished my law studies at Uni and now I’m doing an accounting, financial and labour course.

4. L. I’m a Business Administration graduate with a passion for marketing and willing to follow a career path in this area.

5. I. I’m a cat person, I would love to have one, when I’m older maybe. I have a manekineko tattoo and incredibly gives me luck 😀

6. L. I’m a cat lover too! I’ve always had a cat at home, but casually now, we also have a dog, a Dachshund 🙂

7. I. Frequently I have geek thoughts, I worked in a comic store. I’m a potterhead, disney girl, an ewok in love with tv series & videogames 🙂

8. L. I’m more into arts, design… And I love Typography 😀

9. I. Eco(mind), very positive, “Everything happens for a reason” (Locke – Lost)

10. L. I think… and overthink about almost everything

11. I. I need to live anywhere close to the beach. A bikini kind of life 😛

12. L. I’m kind of the same, I need to feel the sea breeze and see the horizon. It just makes me feel better 🙂

13. I. Pistachio is my favourite flavour of ice cream or Cassata 🙂

14. L. Why are we so similar? Well… I learnt this from her… Pistachio is also one of my favourites! If I had to choose another one it would be Hazelnut!

15. I. Santorini (Greek) is my first destination when I think of holidays 🙂

16. L. I want to travel the world! And I think I would start by exploring Canada 😀

17. I. I wear quirky glasses almost all the time. Sometimes, contact lenses. I’m blind 😦

18. L. I’m obsessed with rings! The more I can wear, the better!

19. I. I eat books, blogs and youtube like I eat cookies.

20. L. I’m in love with music. 

21. I. I’m a bit obsessive, I make lists all the time (I go nuts! :-S)

22. L. I am a bit disorganized, but organized! 😉

23. I & L. We have known each other for only a year, but we know everything about the other, “No secrets, no shame, no silence”.

24. I & L. Starbucks Decaf Soya Latte with cinnamon on top is our beverage. With a good pronunciation.

25. I & L. London is the city where all of this started.

26. I & L. We write all these posts before in English, and then we translate them. Why? We think everything sounds better in  English. Even though our english is not excellent.

27. I & L. Instagram-lovers.

28. I & L. Loving messy hair.

29. I & L. We are veggies, not vegan. Trying to be healthy everyday.

30. I & L. “Are you two a couple?” “No. Tragically, we are both heterosexual.”

Lots of love,

Irene & Lydia

Berry Bites Blog

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